Printed Pencil Skirt

I am loving this trend and I can’t wait to rock it, you see I am drooling over some of these especially the 3rd picture below. I am adding this to my wish list, like I have one before :), the thing is I like to document things I love to own in my mind, ain’t nobody got time to be writing what ain’t mine yet. I just love how classy it makes you look and I think it is just as versatile as one coloured skirts. Here’s more pictorial on how to rock them. Continue reading Printed Pencil Skirt


Shades Of Purple

Hello hawayu *in Olamide’s voice, hope you having a good one. My recent obsession with scarf is surprising cause I have never been the type that adores the sight of scraf wrapped up on the head, but am loving it now. So I tried something new with my makeup, my oga on top Moby did a post on makeup secrets, check out her blog here. Shout out to my sweet sisto for taking pictures of me. Continue reading Shades Of Purple


Hello lovely peeps? Hope you had a swell one yesterday. Happy celebration and holiday. Waistcoats are a versatile addition to a man’s wardrobe they can be worn to business meetings, wedding ceremony (grooms men/best man), special events like graduations and prom, sports like snooker, stage performances, etc. Continue reading Waistcoats

Aso Ebi Inspiration: Blue and Red

Hello lovely peeps. Ramadan Kareem to the muslims may your prayers be answered has the holy month raps up. What’s your plan this weekend? Whatever you do make sure you are having fun and living a satisfactory life, don’t let anyone pull you down.
If you love owanbe-ing here’s an opportunity to get ideas of colour to wear to parties or you are planning a wedding, burial etc choosing the right fabric is just as important has finding a colour that brings uniformity and uniqueness to your event. Today’s inspiration is red and blue, you can’t go wrong merging these rich colours(or any hue of these colours) for weddings. Continue reading Aso Ebi Inspiration: Blue and Red